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Telling stories of profound impact.

In my career as a filmmaker, I strive not only to create advertisements for brands but also to seek out a unique way of storytelling that generates a meaningful impact. My approach goes beyond mere commercial ads; my true purpose is to inspire and connect with the audience. Each project becomes an opportunity to evoke genuine emotions, motivate change, and ignite passion in those who watch it.


Daniella Testa

Hello! I'm Daniella Testa, a filmmaker and photographer specializing in creating content for social media.

Every project I undertake is an opportunity to convey a powerful message and leave a lasting impression on those who see it. My goal is to enhance the brand's identity by capturing its essence and presenting it in an inspiring way.

I gravitate towards events, product photography, and travel. My work involves creating visually captivating narratives that stay in the minds and hearts of those who experience them.

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My aim is to transform the concept of your brand into visual stories.

Whether you're looking to launch a new product, strengthen your brand image, or convey the core values of your company, I'm here to assist you. With my experience as a filmmaker, I can turn your ideas into impactful and compelling visual narratives.

Allow me to be your creative ally on this journey. Together, we can create a powerful narrative that drives the growth of your brand and connects with your audience in a meaningful way.


My beginnings

Since I was young, I felt a special fascination for the world of cinema. Every time I watched a movie, my attention focused on the behind-the-scenes, on all the work and creativity required to bring that story to life on the big screen. It was at that moment that I knew my destiny was to become a filmmaker.

I decided to follow my passion and enrolled in an audiovisual production course. During that year, I acquired the skills and fundamental knowledge that would help me take my first steps in this exciting field. Obtaining my degree as a post-production specialist was a milestone on my journey to becoming a complete filmmaker.

Then, I immersed myself fully in the industry, seeking experiences and opportunities that would allow me to grow and develop as a professional. I always remained loyal to my YouTube gurus, who inspired me and taught me valuable lessons about the art of filmmaking. As I continued to learn and apply that knowledge, my passion grew stronger, and my work began to take shape.


It's your moment to take the leap, be the next one.

Over time, I have had the opportunity to carry the brand of a very famous breakfast company in Spain, forward. It was a significant milestone in my professional career. I was able to apply everything I had learned and use my creativity to create audiovisual content that represented the essence of the company in an authentic and engaging way.

Each project that I immerse myself in is an opportunity to continue growing and evolving as a filmmaker. My passion and dedication are the engines that drive my constant search for knowledge and new ways of telling stories.


I am excited for what the future holds for me and all the possibilities that the world of filmmaking has to offer. My goal is to continue creating content that inspires, excites and conveys the essence of the brands with which I have the privilege to work.


Stand out and capture the attention of the media.

In modern society, we are immersed in an unprecedented digital age. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the internet has become an integral part of our lives.

In this context, it is essential for brands to have a strong presence on social media and the internet in general. These platforms have become a key arena for building relationships with the public, promoting products and services, and telling stories in powerful ways.

In a highly visual environment, the importance of the image becomes even more relevant. Brands need to understand that a carefully crafted and effectively delivered image can be a powerful catalyst in attracting and retaining audience attention. In a world where information is consumed quickly, the image becomes the first point of contact and must be memorable and attractive.

The image of a brand is not limited only to its logo or visual aesthetics, but encompasses all the visual elements that represent it. From photos and videos, to graphic designs and visual presentations, every detail counts when it comes to building a strong and coherent image.

Successful brands understand the importance of investing in image strategies that are capable of resonating with their audience on an emotional level. The right image can build trust, spark interest, and establish a lasting connection with your target audience.

In summary, in an advanced and digitized society like today's, brands must recognize the importance of having a solid presence on social networks and on the Internet. Image has become an essential tool to stand out and capture attention in this highly competitive environment. By investing in an effective visual strategy, brands can make a significant impact and build strong relationships with their target audience.


Curious facts about me that I would like you to know...

  • I am Venezuelan and I live in Spain

  • When I was in high school I dreamed of studying finance, in fact, I lived for a year in Argentina and during this time I was fighting against my studies because according to me, "That was my future."

  • I'm really bad at math, which is why the compliment above was a total flop. 

  • My closest people define me as a happy and risky person, they usually say it because of the way I immerse myself in the things I like, one day I travel 8 hours by car to an unknown city and having to work the next day just for meet my guru of the moment.

  • I consider myself a rather curious person, I like to surround myself with people who know a lot and I really enjoy just listening to them.


You know about me, time for the next step


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